Fleetwood Mac US Tour 2024 & Tickets

Fleetwood Mac has announced rescheduled dates for its North America tour that were postponed earlier this month because singer Stevie Nicks had the flu. The Grammy-winning band is set to play Boston on Oct. 28 and Philadelphia on Nov. 3. Canadian dates include Quebec City on Oct. 30, Toronto on Nov. 1, Winnipeg on Nov. 7, Calgary on Nov. 10 and Edmonton on Nov. 30.

His support band for the race will be the same as last year: guitarist Daryl Stuermer, keyboardist Brad Cole, bassist Leland Sklar, percussionist Richie Garcia and his son Nicolas on drums. The lineup will also feature a set of four brass pieces and supporting singers.

Before the tour last year, the singer had announced his retirement after several dates in 2010, but changed his mind a few years later. He played a couple of songs at his children’s school, Miami Country Day School, in 2014 and showed up again during a fundraiser for his Little Dreams Foundation. And in addition to a few more performances, he promoted the Not Dead Yet career in 2016 with a performance of “In the Air Tonight” on The Tonight Show with the Roots.